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2020 Durango 4 can high/low wires

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spiced into canbus system as shown, but upon programming, no red/blue can bus signal. can the osb2 connector, pins 3,11 & 6,14 be used?
asked 2 weeks ago in Dodge by Ryan Blanchard (130 points)

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No the obd2 cans cannot be used. The vehicle has a security gateway.


If the module doesnt program, ensure you have flashed it with firmware 69.02. If it still doesnt flash at step 5 of programming, then you have a problem with the can hi & lo connetions.
answered 1 week ago by Derek (197,240 points)
it was loaded with 69.02, but reflashed it with 69.02 again to be sure. rewired all can high/low connections, same issue. Had this been installed on any 2020 Durangos to date? Its seems as the evo ia mot getting any signal from the can bus system. 13hrs, almost 2 Saturdays gone, getting frustrating.
It has been confirmed as working.


Did you test your can wires yet?

What readings did you get on which wires at the evo-all 5 pin can connector?


We also have a support number you could call....1-877-336-7797 might get your issue resovled faster.