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2018 Dodge Journey Can high and can low location. Guide #73591

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I see that there are can bus connection at the junction block per the pictures on the guide and from wire colors, but I cannot see for sure which are the white green and white blue connections. Is it possible for me to access these from the obd2 Port? I'm using the thar-chr6 harness. I see that pin 6 is can high, and pin 14 is low. Is it possible to use these? On the obd2 Port I mean.



There are no white/green and white/blue wires where the guide says they are. I'm at a standstill until I can figure this out.

The guide might need a rivision, I also cannot find a pink/white ignition wire behind the driver side kickpanel. The two I found are .05v and 12v, nothing I can find is 9v.

asked Oct 19, 2019 in Dodge by Justin Stroud (270 points)
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Remove some of that tape and you will see the only 3 pin connector in the green junction block.


The pink/white may read more than 9 v. As long as it acts like a switched ignition you are fine.
answered Oct 21, 2019 by Derek (173,450 points)
How is everyone getting up there? That is a crazy tight fit, I'm not even sure how I'm going to splice into them. I've removed the lower dash below the steering wheel.