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Vw Jetta 2019 manual transmission 3 times flash

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Please help me, vw Jetta 2019 standard key up to 08-2018 with a manual transmission.

Evo-one followed everything on page 5 for wiring and programming procedures.

System programmed properly I think key décrypter worked and all, but when I try to lock unlock lock to start it, it makes my lights flash 3 times and it doesn't start.

please help, I purchased it yesterday directly from you guys in Montreal.

asked 1 week ago in Volkswagen by Mike Giannikos (250 points)

1 Answer

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3 flash means its not in ready mode.


Ensure you are setting ready mode (footbrake, handbrake & start) before exiting the vehicle.
answered 1 week ago by Derek (197,890 points)