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Why the dashboard light turn off after about 20 minutes?

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Installed evo one on 2017 Tacoma Tundra with T-harness everything works fine, but at night the dashboard lights turn off after about 20 minutes since the vehicle is running. So the dashboard completely dark not unless I turn off the lights and turn it back on again.

I know for sure is the evo one causing the problem. When I completely disconnected the module everything seem to be fine.

Please help.
asked 1 week ago in Toyota by ken nguyen (160 points)

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Does this happen only after remote starting the vehicle, or does it also happen if you first started the car normally?


What is the service number of the module?

Which T-harness are you using?
answered 1 week ago by Robb (245,910 points)
Started the car normally.

Thar-one-toy7 harness.