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RAV4 2005 Connector exist but no transponder at ignition key

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I am doing a RAV4 2005, Regular Key, Regular EVO One instlation,wire t wire.

I founf the connector for the transponder hanging under the steering colum but there is no transponder at the ignition switch. I looked everywhere no transponder only a key sense. The car is stock and no modifiction done on it.

I pluged the tx/rx  pink/red-blue on the connector but the connector dosent go any where just connected to the harness. Is it possiple this car has no transponder but the diagram is wrong.

when I programed the module I get the solid red instead of the rapidly flashing one. I tried 3 evo ones product same problem.

Could somebody explain how to make remote start on this car?
asked 2 weeks ago in Toyota by Haidar Jabbar (600 points)

1 Answer

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If the vehicle is not equipped with a transponder dont bother making those connections and dont bother with bypass programming.


Set option 20.2 in the evo-one remote starter.


Then program the rf kit.
answered 2 weeks ago by Derek (197,890 points)