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4 Red Flashes

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2015 Toyota Sienna, key start.  During programming, at step 5 the red LED flashes slowly four times.  rechecked wiring, swapped module, reset, reflash.  Even different brand of bypass. Any ideas?
asked 2 weeks ago in Toyota by Brian Sahid (290 points)

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Not much to verify on these.

- If vehicle has a factory remote starter, it needs to be removed

- If it is a Valet key, it will not program correctly

- Verify immo data wire.
answered 2 weeks ago by Robb (246,130 points)
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Thanks for the info.  Sent customer to dealer for second key to be cut/programmed, was going to do key wrap. DEaler says an aftermarket remote start is installed preventing new key programming but I have removed all my wiring. they cant program new key, getting some sort of error.  Called local locksmith same thing.  Have you guys heard of other brand of remote start that would somehow be installed on passenger side behind glove box?  I did not see anything on driverv side, all wires intact before I started.  Checked all fuses, plugs at BCM
answered 2 weeks ago by Brian Sahid (290 points)