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HELP can't find Ignition2, -Security Light, -Data (no connector or different colors)

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Acura 2005 TL, Regular EVO one install.

1 - as per instruction it say ignition2 (yellow color) is on a green connector 5 wires... the problem there is no green connector at all with 5 wires.

2- (-Security Light, -Data) on the connector hold diffrent wires on the real car, I even checked wire-color website and its wrong.

Attached is what I have green color connectors on the car. 2 conectors. 




I have all-data and the digram it shows on Fortin Guide and wirecolor is wrong, my all data matches the real car color.

Now what, where can I fnd them?



asked 2 weeks ago in Acura by Haidar Jabbar (600 points)

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Go by pin position. Security light on yours is blue/orange and the interupt on the 5 pin keyless module is blue/red.

Wire color can vary sometimes.
answered 2 weeks ago by Derek (198,120 points)
selected 2 weeks ago by Robb
yes i went with position and everything worked fine.