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Car won't remote start, no headlight indication

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2013 Honda Accord PTS Manual transmission with Evo One and HON 3. Used guide 57151 with no luck. Tried putting car in ready mode not working. tried remote starting with 3x OEM remote nothing, no crank. No led lights turn on when trying to remote start and headlights arent flashing. Even tried connecting the pink wire to a test light to see if maybe i had the incorrect headlight wire. The vehicle will start normally and the yellow led will turn on on the unit. I was able to program the unit and decrypt it with no issues, Ive also tryed this twice with no luck. Please help!
asked Jan 15 in Honda by Andrew Cordeiro (320 points)

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I appreciate you trying to diagnose my problem. I did bypass the clutch and tried to preform ready mode with no luck. Luckily, Rob at Fortin was able to help! Flash link was updated in October and now boots up automatically in wizard mode according to Rob. In wizard mode it won’t allow you to toggle from bypass mode to remote start mode because it’s supposed to do both when it gets flashed. Rob said this wouldn’t have been an issue if my car was an auto, or if I had a RF remote with a remote start button, because the unit is defaulted into ready mode 1 for manuals. He informed me I had to change some remote start settings and to do that I need to hit the above tab gear and put flashlink into pro mode. This allowed me to access the remote start stetting normally found under remote start mode. I then changed ready mode to option 2 because I’m using the factory remote and we verified some other setting. After that I was able to put the unit in ready mode and the vehicle started using 3x lock. Hope this helps other installers.



answered Jan 16 by Andrew Cordeiro (320 points)
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We do not list the vehicle in manual transmission becuase it is going to set a check engine light in the vehicle when remote started.


If you are fine with that then my questions would be:

1- did you perform a clutch bypass?

2- Are you setting ready mode before exiting the vehicle?
answered Jan 15 by Derek (182,540 points)