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Anyone else having problems with warning lights and stalling?

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I installed my EVO in my 2015 Ram1500 SLT.  After installation, the truck does start immediately without problems, but now on a couple occasions the truck has stalled when accellerating from a stop at low speeds and on other occasions every warning light on my gauge cluster will flash and my 2WD light will flash when going at normal cruising speed (45-60 mph) and I lose power.  If I take my foot off the accelerator and coast, the lights will slowly go off and I resume control and acceleration.  Anyone else experience this?  My fear is that it is messing with the ECM Module.  I used the T-Harness for the installation.
asked 1 week ago in Ram by Steve Buess (130 points)

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No the module does not interfere with the ECM module, disconnect the EVOALL module to see if issue is still present.
answered 5 days ago by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (53,670 points)