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CX9 not completely turning off.

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I have a 2019 CX9 with an EVO-One installed everything works pretty well with the remote start but every so often I have an issue when I park and push the button to turn off the car. The engine stops but the car says the ignition is still on.Pressing the button a few more times usually fixes this but, this morning I had to disconnect the battery on the car because the ignition tamper alarm was set. Any ideas of a fix for this?
asked Jan 8 in Mazda by will gramenz (130 points)

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take the dash down again and reconnect the two connectors at the start/stop module under the steering wheel. Make sure they are fully seated and clipped in (plug and tug to ensure they are fully seated). Dont forget to disconnect the battery. 

answered Jan 8 by Robb (237,100 points)