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2012 Kia Rondo Evo One - Car not remote starting, no crank

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Hi, I installed a 2012 Kia Rondo Evo One T-harness. After installing everything, programming the module and remotes. After the installation, I noticed I had put the KHY2 instead of the KHY1. The car isnt remote starting, no crank. Im assuming that if I installed the KHY1, it will for sure work considering all my wiring is good. Right?


1- is there a way to modify the KHY2 to make it act as a KHY1? If not, its ok I will just replace with the KHY1.

2- the other wires that come in the box are all similar right? Only the big 6-pin connectors from KHY1/KHY2 are different?
asked Jan 8 in Kia by Pheaktra Mom (760 points)

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Just exchange it for the correct model.

Yes, the KHY1/2 only covers the main igntiion switch. All other wiring is generic between the the two of them.
answered Jan 8 by Derek (182,240 points)
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