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2009 Bmw e82 with factory push to start but requires inserted keyfob - is there a way to bypass this?

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Makes sense if it can be remote started with a wrapped key that it can be started with PTS button without the key being inserted. What really makes me believe this should be possible is that INT-BMW2 states that push to start ignition and electronic ignition are available features. Combine this with EVO all and I wonder would keyless start be able to happen with the factory push to start button without inserting the keyfob. With this bmw, if you start it, take the keyfob out leave it out you can restart the car within a certain amout of time say about 10 seconds with the PTS button without reinserting the key. So the feature is somewhat there if the car was running in the precious few seconds. Maybe if paired with a proximity key unlocking feature it could unlock the car and make it startable with the button all the while leaving the key in your pocket. I believe that fortin do not sell keyless entry but do make it possible with other aftermarket systems to provide the keyless entry.
asked Jan 8 in BMW by Luke Lourensz (130 points)

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once the vehicle is remote started, you do not need to insert the key in the key port to drive away. Aside from that, no, key in port required. If that's what you are asking.
answered Jan 8 by Robb (237,100 points)
Is there a way to not make it required Robb? Shouldn't there be if there is a wrapped key already there?
Not that i am aware of.

That feature is refered to as the Smart Comfort group ( or something like that), when purchasing the car. Smart comfort does not require the key in the key port to start the car.