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EVO-ALL THAR-NIS1 2012 Infiniti M56X 3x oem, brake lights but no start?

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Can anyone help with this? Updated the evo-all with flashlink, installed harness. Was told by seller that I needed only splice extra wires into door trigger wire and one wire on the push to start button which I did.

Followed the programming sequence, took unit out, ran DCryptor which reported back success. Installed unit back in the car , closed doors, press 3x lock an no start. The brake lights come on but the car never turns over. What could be wrong? I keep seeing people saying they tweaked some settings, I don't recall seeing any special settings that I needed to tweak.

Thank you in advance.
asked Jan 7 in Infiniti by Lawrence Gearhart (130 points)

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Option D6 needs to be enabled but most importantly, there's a Start/Stop connection that needs to be done. That connection is what turns on the car. If there is a t-tap on it, that's the problem :D


To confirm this, activate 3xlock then once the red led turns on, press and hold the push button until the car starts (do not press the brake).
answered Jan 7 by Robb (237,100 points)
ok well I used something like a t-tap, a crimp wire splice to tap into the wire on the push to start module and one to tap into the door trigger. Perhaps the one on the remote start didn't work, I'll go try direct solder for that.

When just sitting in the car and pressing the lock 3 times I can, without pressing the brakes, start the car just by pushing the button.
Thank you - I went out, soldered the connection from the EVO-ALL wire harness to the 1 wire on the push to start and walllah! Works like a champ. Thank you.