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Need help with the install on a 2016 Nissan Altima (push to start)

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Hello. I've messaged before. I'm using diagram 75881. The person I talked to already said it's the right diagram. He told me to cut all the wires on the 15pin connector. So I did just that cut them all, wired the black and red into pin 1 and 5. Tryed to program it. Did not work. Also had no power in the car. So I wired the factory wires 1 and 5 back into the 15 pin connector and spliced the fortin wire into that. I can put the 4 pin (black) connector in and the 3 led lights light up. Now if I tryed to hold the button and connect the 4 pin it should program. But it doesnt. What is the problem. Before the guy told me to cut all the wires and just the 2 from the fortin harness in pin 1 and 5. But that gave the car no power.
asked Jan 7 in Nissan by Josh Teague (190 points)

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You are not interpreting that correctly.

Do as shown in the guide. This will affect the vehicles power and ground in now way since you arent cutting them, you are plscing into them.
answered Jan 7 by Derek (182,240 points)
I messaged the other week. And asked if I'm cutting them all off or splicing into the. The person that answered that question told me to cut them all and wire into pin 1 and 5.