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2015 malibu no crank no start

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I installed an evo all gmt1 in a 2015 malibu flip key. I used a flash link to update firmware and do the key dcryptor. I also have a 2 way lora 9 rf kit. The install and all programming of the unit went as it should. ( all lights and flashes correct ) However the vehicle wont start. It doesnt even attempt too. When using the 3x lock the evo all sees it ( flashes when the lock button is pressed ) then nothing. Also with the 2 way rf transmitter the evo all and antenna see it and the transmitter responds with green light and audible tune but the same result occurs after that. The car does not attempt to start. I have installed an evo all before so this is not my first install and I went over the programming of the unit and the keys / transmitter numerous times. Any ideas on what could be the hang up would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

asked Jan 4 in Chevrolet by DAVID BARNES (250 points)

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Sounds like option D1 is proably missing. What is the S/N to the module? Its located on the back of the unit.
answered Jan 8 by Derek (182,540 points)
SN# 001A07 0655502

When plugged into the updater it always reads " bypass " in the bottom right corner.  I can change it to remote start only when the unit is unplugged.  But as soon as its plugged back in it changes right back to bypass.
Please re send the service number. The one above is not valid.
Never mind i removed one of the 5's and it worked.

As I stated D1.10 is not turn ON.


If you are experiencing issues at the PC, please download teamviewer and call us when you are at the PC with the module/updater so we can see what is not working.