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2018 Mazda3 install for a manual (6spd)

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So it says it will work for a 2018 Mazda 3 Push Start with a MANUAL transmission.

If so, how? I'm familiar with componets and T-harness - This would be my 3rd... Is there a clutch bypass? Does the trans need to be in neutral, if not I assume it wouldn't start - or it would attempt while in gear?

Has anyone else installed on this make/model = gotchyas or problems ??
Has anyone installed on a manual trans = extra steps or worth it (juice worth the squeeze) ??

I've installed on automatics ('15 Town & Country and 10 Caravan) - si I get the over all process with the Harnesses and EVO modules.


asked Nov 19, 2019 in Mazda by John S (170 points)

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Mazda is a completely differen install then the caravan/town & country.


Guide will show connection the clutch bypass. 


On all manual transmission cars, the unit will never attempt to start if Reservation Mode was not done. This needs to be done after everytime the vehicle has been driven (basically, whenever you park the car). If someone opens a door anytime after reservation mode is set, it cancels the process.

  • if doing 3xlock start, enable option 33.2 so that reservation mode sets itself after engaging e-brake and then releasing the brake


If this vehicle is equipped with adaptive cruise, you need to enable shutdown on door open, option D3, so that the starter shuts down on door open. Or else your cruise will not function. Car needs to be restarted normally. 


The harness pins are tight out of factory. Make sure it is fully inserted into the vehicle and fully clipped into place. You could theoricatlly just plug the MAZ3 harness into itself to open up the pins before actually installing it. 

answered Nov 20, 2019 by Robb (230,010 points)