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Dual Stage Shock sensor "pre-warn" stage triggering full alarm

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I have installed an omega AU85TN Dual Stage Shock/Glass break sensor on my evo-one. I combined both the pre-warn wire and the second stage full alarm wire together to the middle pin in the shock sensor port. I am getting a full alarm when either pre-warn is triggered or the full alarm stage is triggered. Not that big of deal considering the sensor is doing its job, but my OCD wont let me settle. Is there anything I can do (add a resistor, etc) to the pre warn wire to have it function appropriately?
asked Jan 23, 2017 in FAQ by Matthew Scott (650 points)

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Sounds as though the sensitivity is not set properly.

One fast pulse would be warn. One long pulse is full alarm.

This video has a good bit of information in it regarding shock sensors and evo-one:
answered Jan 23, 2017 by Derek (177,690 points)
The sensitivity is set correctly. The unit displays a light for each stage. When stage one is triggered a green led illuminates and sets off full alarm. When the second stage  is triggered a red light illuminates and also sets off the full alarm.

I tested this by turning the second stage to minimum sensitivity and the pre warn stage to maximum sensitivity and it still triggered full alarm. I have tried all settings and adjusted the sensor all possible ways and it will only trigger the full alarm. Im thinking maybe the unit gives to long of a pulse to the evo-one in the pre warn stage. Is there anything i can do electronically to combat this?
The pulse from the specific shock detector was too long. If you wire a constant to momentary output/negative input negative output relay(wiring diagram available on with a 460uf capacitor instead of a 1K uf capacitor it will reduce the pulse to about .25 second into the evo one and provide a proper warn away. Wire the relay on the warn away trigger wire in between the sensor and the evo one


note: this was for an omega au85tn.