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3 pin shock sensor connector

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What is the name of the type of connector used for the shock sensor port and where can I purchase a connector with a wiring harness?

If I wanted to add a tilt sensor and wired the trigger into the pink/black wire (A15) would it give me a proper tilt alarm response if triggered on a two way remote or parking light flash upon disarm? I know I need to tie the trigger for the tilt alarm into zone 8 for that I just dont know where to do that.

Are the ground and 12v leads coming from the shock sensor port only active when the alarm is armed or are the always active?
asked Dec 26, 2016 in FAQ by Matthew Scott (650 points)

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the Fortin FSS-Siren kit comes with a shock sensor that has the 3-pin connector on it. Most shock sensor will have it although there are some with a 4-pin. It's a standard connector that can be found at any electronic parts store.  From left to right, the pin out on the unit is GROUND-TRIGGER-POWER.   If you cant find a 3-pin connector, a tiny butt connector on the middle pin with your 2 shock sensor triggers would also do the trick. Just need to power up the sensor from another source.


I remember seeing a video somewhere... here it is.


Tilt sensor can easily go on the pink/black wire but will register as a zone 3 or 5. The input has dual functions already, hood and door status. 

answered Dec 29, 2016 by Robb (230,780 points)
So there is no way to wire a sensor into zone 8?

The power and ground to the 3-pin are always on so it is not a good way to plug in a tilt sensor that resets based on the power to the sensor.

MOST sensors are not 3-pin. Most are 4 pin. Doing any sort of google / amazon search doesnt show the connector for purchase and the 3 pin connector is not available at most electronic stores. The specific name of the connector would be helpful. It would be nice if the evo-one came with one or at least have instructions with the specific name of the connector.

If you have a sensor that resets bases on ground when armed. Do not use the normal 3 pin shock sensor connection.
The connector you seek is a JST-XH 2S. You should be able to find it at any hobby store that sells parts for RC cars and planes. You may have to re-locate the wires as when I got mine it was positive, negative, negative from l-r so using a small screwdriver or needle, gently press the back of the metal pin down and gently pull the wire and it should come out. Re-insert wire into the correct pin slot, make sure it's secure and you're good to go.