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Flash limit reached SN 001A07 363152

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Can you please assist with the flash reset. Have had issues programming it with my RF kit and it's keeps coming un-synched with my tach.
asked May 20, 2023 in Dodge by dustin Vipond (130 points)

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flash limit is reset. I see you flashed 0.99, if your module was stuck on the red led, make sure to follow all the steps to clear the module out. This includes turning off Settings Protection and then doing the incar reset.


  1. flash version 0.99
  2. disconnect unit from the flasher and power cycle it in the car (connect/disconnect power connector)
  3. connect module back to the flash link and flash whatever firmware you need
  4. Turn settings protection OFF if it's on and SAVE the options.
  5. Reset the unit following the reset procedure. (this cannot be done while module is connected to the flash link) :
  6. Connect module back to the flash link and enable required options.
  7. Reprogram module to the vehicle following instructions in the installation guide.
answered May 23, 2023 by Robert T (298,180 points)