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2023 Forester w/key is Evo-One with T-Harness truly plug n play NO cutting splicing anything??

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Last vehicle i did was 2011 Nissan Juke and even with T-Harnes etc I still had to splice a few wires etc.

Is the 2023 Forester simpler ? I still see some type of cutting the imobilzer wire??

Will 3x oem key work??

My still having the flash tool should help keep cost down yes??
asked Apr 8, 2023 in Subaru by hofs1 (350 points)

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The term "plug and play" is an ebay or youtube term, Fortin does not use that wording.

Even with the THAR-ONE-SUB3 harness you will still need to cut and splice at a minimum 1 of the vehicles wires.

Yes 3x lock  from the oem remote is supported.

If you already ahve the flash link updater, you can indeed re use it on multple vehicles.


Best regards.
answered Apr 11, 2023 by derek g (330,530 points)